Solar energy in India

IISE was founded to provide industry leading technical training in Solar energy courses in India. Our foremost aim is to empower people, communities, Solar panel companies in India and businesses worldwide.

We have a team of highly qualified solar professionals from reputed Solar panel companies in India with expertise in evaluation and curriculum development for the solar industry. Our ability to provide value focused training is very popular among the students. Our instructors fully understand your needs with a commitment to mentoring you to the right career goal for the solar industry.

Solar Training in Mumbai

The admission for PG Diploma in Solar Renewable energy academic year 2023-24 has been announced. The Last date of application is 20th March 2023. - Apply now | Three days Practical workshop scheduled from 27th to 29th March 2023 - Apply now !| Now pay your fees with credit /debit card in easy EMI.| Three days Solar installation Practical workshop scheduled from 28th to 30th December 2022 is now closed - !|

Worldwide Recognition

Globally-recognised qualifications that can help you land that dream job in the Solar Sector.

Solar Hands on Workshop

Our Solar hands on workshop involves 100% practicals along with visit to 50 Kw Solar power Plant. 

Post Graduation in One Year

We offer certified Post Graduation one year program with PCP for B.E / BTech & other graduates


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Last Date 20th March 2023
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Our Top Online Courses

Solar Ongrid Design & Installation
Solar Energy
6 Months
This is the advance course in Solar energy. You will designing Solar on grid systems up to 100 kw. Completion of Solar Online Engineer Course is ma...
6 Months
Solar Energy
Solar Technician Certificate Course The solar Technician Certificate program is a three months course taught in distance learning /Online learning ...
20 Lectures

Top renewable energy courses in demand in India.


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Job opportunities Solar energy in India 

The Solar industry as a whole is growing fast and will play a key role in our global energy supply in the future. So working for Solar panel companies in India in Solar sector can be a good strategic choice for future career opportunities. Solar energy in India offers a wide range of attractive jobs requiring different skill sets, ranging from the technical solar design to the commercial field of the Solar panel business. Some of the job roles available in the market are listed below. 


1.7 Introducing Solar Energy

1.7   Introducing Solar Energy 93 million miles from Earth, our sun is multiple times the size of our planet. With a width of 865,000 miles, a surface temperature of 5,600°C (over 10,000°F), and a center temperature of 15,000,000°C, it is an enormous mass of consistent atomic movement. Straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, our sun […]

1.6 Public Policy Choices

1.6   Public Policy Choices The last two parts of this investigation consider the government upholds the turn of events and organization of solar innovations. Such help is commonly advocated as a reaction to two market disappointments: the information overflows related with principal research and with experience increased through sending, and the environmental spillovers related with […]

1.5 Scaling & Integration

1.5     Scaling & Integration Chapters 6–8 of this study deal with issues that would arise if solar energy were to play a major role in electric power systems — specifically, issues of scaling and integration. Chapter 6 provides a quantitative analysis of the materials-use and land- area requirements that would follow if solar energy were […]


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To start a solar business in India becoming a distributor for Solar panel companies in India or start a solar job in a solar company, the first important thing a solar energy enthusiast should do is to enroll for a solar system training program from a reputed solar training institute in India.

Solar Energy business involves manufacturing solar PV systems, Solar panel companies in India, solar inverters, Sales & marketing of Solar products like Solar Water heater, Solar Water pumps and installation & commissioning of Solar projects. There is also a huge demand in the solar industry for resident Solar sales Engineers who can sell solar panels in the rural areas of India.