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IISE was founded to provide industry-leading technical training in renewable energy to empower people, communities, and businesses worldwide. We have a team of highly qualified solar professionals with expertise in evaluation and curriculum development for the solar industry. We run from short term courses like 2 days’ workshop on PV Systems, 15 days solar installation training to one-year Advance Diploma in Solar technology. Our faculty includes industry experts & professional engineers. Most of our faculty own their own companies.

We teach latest skills to make you succeed in your job or business. This means after you complete your course, the industry knows that you have been prepared by the best to become the best. While other institutes may try to force you into their pre-packaged curriculum or delivery methods. We listen to you and work with you to understand your unique needs. We advise the training that’s right for you. Selecting the right training provider is the first step to reaching or even exceeding your goals.

Our ability to provide value focused training is very popular among the students. Our instructors fully understand your needs with a commitment to mentoring you to the right career goal. Our content and modules are highly effective and relevant. We provide learning through presentations, demonstrations, examples & reference materials. Simulation & practical sessions help learners to gain valuable work experience.

All our courses are aimed at transforming individuals into employable and skilled human resource; competent to serve private and public sectors at various levels; start their own enterprise or be trained in their chosen vocation. Most of our courses are short duration certification programs catering to candidates’ academic, employment, & vocational requirements; designed to transform sincere individuals into extraordinary, valued human resource. The courses also promise to open doors to freelance and self-employment opportunities; and those aiming to lap up offshore job opportunities.


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